Satellite Finder on your Cell Phone, iPhone, PDA

Hi everyone, today, I found some info about FastSatfinder’s mobile module and just trying to help other users with launching and using that module. Simply try this method and you will see that it is very convenient.
The phone I am using for this particular test is a Nokia 2630, and it is GPRS/EDGE-enabled
How I tested:

Run the FastSatfinder, select a satellite and transponder, go to the Mobile Module:

Mobile module

FastSatfinder Mobile

Select Internet and make sure that the appropriate IP Address appears [in firewall to open port 80(HTTP)] , select HTML and press the “Stop” button to start the server

Type your IP address and press OK:

Signal Strenght/Quality on cell phone screen.
Pages are automatically reloaded when starting up the FastSatfinder server in HTML mode (reloaded every second by default).

Select DiSEqC, Transponder or Satellite:

More info you can find here.