Latest transponder updates 12-16-2012 (ProgDVB, DVBViewer, Fastsatfinder, DVB Dream, C-Band, Ku-Band)

Several changes this week
Astra 4A, 4.8°E “Canal 8 Sport”
“Canal 9 (Denmark)”
11919,H,27500,3/4 add
Eutelsat 9A, 9.0°E “Blue Sky”
“Delta TV”
“Diktio TV”
“Ipeiros TV1”
12380,V,27500,2/3 add
Eutelsat 10A, 10.0°E “ORTC” 10840,V,3255,1/2 fta
Hot Bird 13A, 13.0°E “Fox Animation” 10853,H,29900,5/6 add
Hot Bird 13A, 13.0°E “Nex1” 11054,H,27500,5/6 add
Hot Bird 13A, 13.0°E “Free-X TV”
“French Lover TV”
11200,V,27500,5/6 add
Hot Bird 13B, 13.0°E “Deepam TV” 10723,H,29900,3/4 fta
Astra 1KR, 19.2°E “3+ Schweiz” 11421,H,22000,5/6 add
Astra 1KR, 19.2°E “RTL Österreich”
“RTL 2 Österreich”
“Super RTL Deutschland”
“Vox Österreich”
11082,H,22000,3/4 add
Astra 1L, 19.2°E “RMC Découverte” 11597,V,22000,5/6 add
Astra 1L, 19.2°E “Numéro 23” 11568,V,22000,5/6 add
Astra 1L, 19.2°E “L´Equipe 21” 11377,V,22000,2/3 fta
Astra 1L, 19.2°E “ORF 2 Wien” 12692,H,22000,5/6 fta
Astra 1M, 19.2°E “Djazz TV HD” 12207,V,29700,2/3 fta
Astra 1M, 19.2°E “QVC Plus HD” 10803,H,22000,3/4 add
Astra 3B, 23.5°E “Kosmica Polska” 11973,V,27500,5/6 fta
Astra 3B, 23.5°E “Mein Fritz TV” 12168,V del
Turksat 2A, 42.0°E “Comedy Arkhi” 11881,V,27500,5/6 add
Express AM22, 53.0°E “Tamadon TV” 11654,H,2222,5/6 add
Horizons 2, 84.9°E “Rossiya HD” 11960,H,28800,3/5 add
Intelsat 15, 85.2°E “Kontinent TV Info” 12640,V,30000,5/6 fta
Express AM44, 11.0°W “AIR Digitmedia” 11565,H,8000,3/4 add
Eutelsat 7 West A, 7.0°W “Al Nada TV” 11430,V,27500,3/4 add
Eutelsat 5 West A, 5.0°W “TFC PPV” 12711,H,30000,1/2 fta
Thor 6, 0.8°W “Discovery Poland HD”
“TLC Poland HD”
12303,V,27500,5/6 add
Thor 6, 0.8°W “Sundance Channel Europe” 11843,V,30000,3/4 fta
Thor 6, 0.8°W “TLC Rômania” 12380,V,28000,5/6 fta
Thor 5, 0.8°W “National Geographic 3D” 11785,H,30000,3/4 add
Eutelsat 5 West A, 5.0°W “6ter”
“Cherie 25”
“L´Equipe 21”
“Numéro 23”
“RMC Découverte”
11471,V,29950,3/4 add


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