Latest transponder updates 12-09-2012 (ProgDVB, DVBViewer, Fastsatfinder, DVB Dream, C-Band, Ku-Band)

Several changes this week
Astra 4A, 4.8°E “TV 1000 East” 12169,V,27500,3/4 add
Astra 4A, 4.9°E “Discovery HD Showcase” 12207,V,30000,3/4 add
Eutelsat 9A, 9.0°E “OTE Sport 1 HD” 12111,V,27500,3/5 add
Eutelsat 9A, 9.0°E “Ant 1”
“Mad TV”
“OTE Sport 4”
“OTE Sport 2”
“Travel Channel HD”
12380,V,27500,2/3 add
Eutelsat 10A, 10.0°E “Al Jazeera Children’s Channel Europe”
“Baraem Europe”
Hot Bird 13A, 13.0°E “A9” 11179,H,27500,3/4 fta
Hot Bird 13C, 13.0°E “Eska TV” 11393,V,27500,5/6 fta
Hot Bird 13C, 13.0°E “Tik TV” 11317,V,27500,3/4 fta
Hot Bird 13C, 13.0°E “CBS Action” 10911,V,27500,3/4 add
Eutelsat 16A, 16.0°E “TVR Tirgu Mures” 11512,V,29950,3/4 add
Eutelsat 16A, 16.0°E “Elrodi TV” 10928,H,30000,3/5 add
Astra 1KR, 19.2°E “intv”
11523,H,22000,5/6 add
Badr 6, 26.0°E “AD PPV HD” 11766,H,27500,5/6 add
Eutelsat 28A, 28.5°E “RT English HD” 11224,V,27500,2/3 add/promo
Astra 1G, 31.5°E “Kanal 15” 11817,V,27500,3/4 fta
Eutelsat 36A, 36.0°E “SupermarketTV” 12265,L,27500,3/4 fta
Turksat 3A, 42.0°E “Kanal Tek” 11593,V,27500,3/4 add
Türksat 2A, 42.0°E “Pop Türk TV” 11862,H del
Türksat 2A, 42.0°E “Damar TV” 11862,H,27500,5/6 fta
Yahsat 1A, 52.5°E “RT Arabic”
“RT English”
11996,V,27500,8/9 add
Intelsat 15, 85.2°E “RazTV” 12526,V,13930,5/6 add
AsiaSat 5, 100.5°E “Apostolic Oneness Network”
“FTV HD Asia”
“Sri TV”
“The Poker Channel”
3960,H,30000,5/6 add
Intelsat 11 A, 43.0°W “Music Box Brasil”
“Music Box Brasil HD”
“Travel Box Brasil”
“Prime Box Brasil”
“Prime Box Brasil HD”
4154,V,15000,2/3 add
Express AM44, 11.0°W “Vero Lady”
“Odeon 24”
11565,H,8000,3/4 add
Eutelsat 7 West A, 7.0°W “Darbka Aflam” 11602,H,27500,3/4 add
Eutelsat 7 West A, 7.0°W “Alpha Shop” 11449,H,27500,5/6 add
Eutelsat 5 West A, 5.0°W “Demain TV”
“Mirabelle TV”
“NRJ Paris”
“TéléGrenoble Isère”
“TV 8 Mont Blanc”
“Vosges TV”
12564,V,29950,7/8 fta


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