Latest transponder updates 10-30-2010 (ProgDVB, DVBViewer, Fastsatfinder, DVB Dream, DreamBox…)

Some changes
Astra 1E, 4.8°E “EbS”
10729,V,22500,3/4 add/clear
Eutelsat W3A, 7.0°E “Lig TV Ticarti HD” 10845,H,30000,5/6 add
Eurobird 9A, 9.0°E “Vijay International” 11804,V,27500,3/4 add
Hot Bird 6, 13.0°E “Conto TV Premium” 11662,V,27500,,3/4 fta
Hot Bird 6, 13.0°E “TG Norba 24”
“Italia 7 Platinum”
11662,V,27500,3/4 add
Hot Bird 6, 13.0°E “Moto TV” 11179,H,27500,3/4 add
Hot Bird 8, 13.0°E “Golf Channel France” 12303,V,27500,2/3 add
Hot Bird 8, 13.0°E “AB Channel” 12245,H,27500,3/4 add/clear
Eutelsat Sesat, 16.0°E “CNN International” 11557,H,30000,,2/3 fta
Eutelsat Sesat , 16.0°E “Cinestar TV” 11509,H,30000,2/3 add
Astra 1H, 19.2°E “Collection” 12460,H,27500,3/4 add
Astra 3B, 23.5°E “EDL 1 – Eredivie Live 1 HD” 11739,V,27500,5/6 add
Badr 4, 26.0°E “Abu Alfeda TV” 11938,V,27500,3/4 add
Eurobird 1, 28.2°E “QVC Beauty” 12560,V,27500,2/3 add
Eutelsat W7, 36.0°E “Medi 1 Sat” 12545,H delete
Türksat 3A, 42.0°E “Dünya TV” 11064,V,13000,5/6 add/clear
Intelsat 12, 45.0°E “TellyTrack” 11500,V,2960,5/6 fta
Intelsat 904, 60.0°E “Blue Hustler Europe” 11675,V,29700,2/3 add
Yamal 201, 90.0°E “Roilcom” 11580,V,5900,3/4 add/internet
Hispasat 1D , 30.0°W “Metropolitan” 11477,H,2605,5/6 add
Atlantic Bird 2, 8.0°W “Seraj” 11098,H delete
Atlantic Bird 4A, 7.0°W “Wesal TV” 10992,V,27500,3/4 add/clear
Atlantic Bird 4A, 7.0°W “Jenan al A3 shab” 11355,V,27500,3/4 add
Atlantic Bird 4A, 7.0°W “Al Rawda” 10873,V,27500,3/4 add
Amos 3, 4.0°W “K1” 11389,H,27500,3/4 fta
Thor 5, 0.8°W “Panasonic 3DTV” 12341,V delete
Thor 6, 0.8°W “Max (Norway)” 10872,H,24500,7/8 add

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