Latest transponder updates 05-09-2010 (ProgDVB, DVBViewer, Fastsatfinder, DVB Dream, DreamBox…)

Some changes
Astra 4A, 4.8°E “Win Channel”
“Alfa Omega TV”
12703,V,2963,3/4 add
Astra 4A, 4.8°E “SVT 24”
“NatGeo Wild”
“SVT 1”
“SVT 2”
“TV Norge”
“TV4 Guld”
11881,H,27500,3/4 fta
Hot Bird 6, 13.0°E “CNN International Europe” 12597,V,27500,3/4 encrypt
Hot Bird 6, 13.0°E “Bloomberg TV Europe” 11137,H,27500,3/4 add
Hot Bird 8, 13.0°E “Novacinema HD”
“Novasports HD”
12130,H,27500,3/4 add
Hot Bird 9, 13.0°E “Discovery Real Time Italia” 12731,H,27500,3/4 fta
Hot Bird 9, 13.0°E “Canal+ Gol” 10719,V,27500,5/6 add
Hot Bird 9, 13.0°E “The Truth” 11319,V,27500,3/4 add
Eurobird 16A, 16.0°E “Pop Brio” 10892,H,27500,3/4 add
Astra 1H, 19.2°E “ORF 2 Wien” 12692,H,22000,5/6 fta
Astra 1H, 19.2°E “HSE24 Trend” 12480,V,27500,3/4 add
Astra 2A, 28.2°E “Channel One (UK)” 11740,V,27500,2/3 add
Astra 2A, 28.2°E “Living HD” 11798,H,29500,3/4 add
Eurobird 1, 28.2°E “Showcase +1” 12560,H,27500,2/3 add
Eurobird 1, 28.2°E “Sangat TV” 12524,V,27500,2/3 add
Eurobird 1, 28.2°E “Channel One +1 UK” 11307,H,27500,2/3 add
Eurobird 3, 33.0°E “Eurosport 3D” 11152,H,10083,3/4 add
Intelsat 15, 85.2°E “KidsCo East Europe” 12640,V delete
Telstar 12, 15.0°W “3D DMC” 11123,V,21543,3/4 add
Nilesat 101, 7.0°W “Cash TV (Arabic)” 11900,V,27500,5/6 add
Thor 6, 0.8°W “City TV” 11958,V delete


2 Responses

  1. please help me to get the latest frequency for malaysia tv RTM1 and RTM2

  2. @hazvan

    Measat 3 at 91.5°E – 3878,V,18385,2/3

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