28.03.2009 Updated transponder lists

Transponders list EXE

download link: ProgDVB transponders lists

download link: FastSatfinder transponders lists

Transponders list in XML

download link: Satellites.xml (DreamBox transponders lists)

Some updates in last week
Sirius 4, 4.8°E “TV 3 Puls” 11747,V,27500,3/4 add
Sirius 4, 4.8°E “Citi” 12716,V delete
Sirius 4, 4.8°E “Credo TV” 12674,V,10000,3/4 add/clear
Eurobird 9A, 9.0°E “Platforma HD”
channel package
11958,V delete
Eurobird 9A, 9.0°E “Bluemoon” 11843,V,27500,3/4 add/clear
Eurobird 9A, 9.0°E “Libertad Digital TV” 12054,H,27500,3/4 add/clear
Eurobird 9A, 9.0°E “Aierta” 12054,H,27500,3/4 add/clear
Eurobird 9A, 9.0°E “Ana Films” 12054,H delete
Eurobird 9A, 9.0°E “Ana Films” 12092,H,27500,3/4 add/clear
Eurobird 9A, 9.0°E “Trace Tropical” 11823,H,27500,3/4 add/clear
Eurobird 9A, 9.0°E “Misk TV” 11766,V,27500,3/4 add/clear
Hot Bird 6, 13.0°E “Cee (I) TV” 11623,V,27500,3/4 add/clear
Hot Bird 8, 13.0°E “MTC” 12245,H,27500,3/4 add/clear
Hot Bird 9, 13.0°E “Amaze” 11411,H delete
Hot Bird 9, 13.0°E “Sevince TV” 11411,H,27500,5/6 add/clear
Astra 1F, 19.2°E “Anixe HD”
“Astra HD Demo”
11303,H,22000,2/3 add
Astra 1H, 19.2°E “Hope Channel Deutsch” 12148,H,27500,3/4 add/clear
Astra 1L, 19.2°E “LCP” 11171,H,22000,2/3 add
Astra 1L, 19.2°E “France Ô”
“France 2”
“France 3 Sat”
“France 5”
“NRJ 12”
“Orange cinechoc”
“Orange cinegeants”
“Orange cinehappy”
“Orange cinemax”
“Orange cinenovo”
“Orange sport”
“Orange sport info”
“TF 1”
11171,H,22000,2/3 add/DVB-S2
Astra 3A, 23.5°E “Sportdigital TV” 11595,V,28500,9/10 add
Astra 3A, 23.5°E “MTV Entertainment” 12605,H,28500,9/10 add
Astra 3A, 23.5°E “Romance TV” 12605,V,28500,9/10 add
Astra 3A, 23.5°E “Fashion TV UK” 12725V,27500,3/4 add
Astra 1G, 23.5°E “The History Channel UK” 11914,H,27500,3/4 add
Astra 1G, 23.5°E “The History Channel HD Europe” 12110,H,27500,9/10 add
Astra 1G, 23.5°E “SkyLink” channel package with
“Eurosport HD”
“FilmBox HD”
12110,H,27500,9/10 add
Astra 1G, 23.5°E “FilmBox'”
“FilmBox Extra”
12110,H,27500,9/10 add
Eurobird 2, 25.5°E “Misk TV” 11662,V,27500,3/4 add/clear
Badr 4, 26.0°E “ETN TV” 11938,V,27500,3/4 add/clear
Eutelsat W4, 36.0°E “Top Shop TV” 11727,L,27500,3/4 add/clear
Eutelsat Sesat, 36.0°E “Lady Channel” 12655,V,1956,5/6 add/clear
Hellas Sat 2, 39.0°E “Jetix Play”
“TVRM Educational”
“Universal Channel Poland”
12598,V,14050,7/8 add
Hellas Sat 2, 39.0°E “News One”
“Ru Music”
11512,H,30000,7/8 add/clear
Express AM 22, 53.0°E “Melody Hits” 12741,H delete
Intelsat 902, 62.0°E “Kiss TV (Romania)”
“Prima TV (Romania)”
11151,H delete
Express AM 2, 80.0°E “FNS”
“Muz TV”
3525,R delete
Express AM 2, 80.0°E “Pilot” 10976,V,16940,3/4 add
Express A2, 103.0°E
(orbit inclination – 3.0°)
“Muz TV”
3675,R delete
Atlantic Bird 4, 7.2°W “Algérie 5” 10930,H,27500,3/4 add/clear
Atlantic Bird 4, 7.2°W “Misk TV” 10873,V,27500,3/4 add/clear
Atlantic Bird 1, 12.5°W “Fox Deutschland” 11188,H,5722,5/6 add/clear
NSS 7, 22.0°W “Lady Channel” 11612,H delete
NSS 7, 22.0°W “Algérie 5”
“TV Tamazight”
12735,H,18085,3/4 add/clear

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