How to: Update Transponders Lists for ProgDVB and Virtual Satellite Finder.

So now i gonna tell you how to update your satellite_position.ini files. This is very important, to renew these lists, especially, when you want to pick up satellite signal using FastSatfinder. Let me shed light as to why this is very important. Do you want to accept signal from a transponder, which does not operate at a frequency which you choose? This is impossible! Therefore do not forget to renew the Transponder Lists on a regular basis. It is very simple. To download and replace the old files with fresh copies, follow the steps below (screenshots are provided for each step):

1. Visit Mixesoft Web site , locate and click the ‘Download’ link:

Transponders Lists Download Link

2. Click ‘Run’ from the File Download – Security Warning dialog:

3. Wait until download is complete:

If you use Internet Explorer 7 in most cases when you click ‘Run’, the Internet Explorer – Security Warning popup will appear, click on the ‘Run’ again. Also for Vista users, if UAC is currently active, a User Account Control dialog box will appear, click on ‘Allow’.

4. Installation steps . . .

Choose install Location …

Installing …



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