26.08.2008 Update Transponders lists

New Update all archives:autoinstall for ProgDVB and Satellite Finder (FastSatfinder), full package zip archive and sorted (by polarization, by regions, by band).
Download New Transponders Update


23.08.2008 Update Transponder lists

Update transponders:

autoinstallation for ProgDVB and FastSatfinder, full package zip archive, sorted : by polarization, by regions, by band.

Download new update

Satellite Finder -Video Tutorial

Watch this short video to learn how to easily find the signal from a satellite.
FastSatfinder really help me a lot.

3D Satellite Lookup ver.1.2

Satellite Finder - 3d Satellite Lookup

3D satellite lookup based on 3D Google Earth creative technology.
It online tool will help you quickly find the direction to the satellite from any location.
On the “Satellite Lookup” page, you will find some functions, such as:
Show ray to the North
Show ray to the South
Show borders, cities, etc.
Sun View
Supported browsers currently include Firefox, IE6, and IE7, all only on Windows.

>>> 3d satellite lookup page